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Major Activities  Positioning birds as the index to evaluate the state of biodiversity, BirdLife is conducting its conservation efforts from four phases: species, habitats, environment and local people.

Major Activities

Conservation of Species:

BirdLife International publicly announces the results of its research and analysis as well as conducts conservation activities over the world through its various campaigns such as ‘Preventing Extinction’.

Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA):

BirdLife International is deploying an unique activity called IBAs over the world in which BirdLife designates important sites for conserving biodiversity taking birds as the index and preserves and manages them sustainably by networking them.

Conservation of Tropical Rainforests:

Today, rainforests are lost equivalent area of a soccer ground in a second or 10 million hectare a year over the globe. To prevent the decrease of rainforests has a significant meaning to prevent global warming.

Conservation of Sea Birds and Marine Ecosystem:

Among all bird species sea birds are rapidly decreasing. The major cause for the decline is by-catch by long line fishery. More than 100,000 seabirds are killed every year in the South Pacific alone. Since there are no borders in the ocean, it is necessary to conduct conservation of sea birds globally.

Conservation of Migrant Birds:

Migrant birds have been decreasing their population due to the loss of habitats and some other threats in recent years, and 12% of migrant birds are threatened to be extinct globally.

Businesses and Biodiversity:

We are helping activities on biodiversity by business firms.